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Choosing Blue Diamond Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing has several advantages, including the assurance that your home will be safeguarded while we are completing the work. We understand the pride homeowners take in their homes, which is why we always wear shoe covers in your home, use drop cloths to protect your carpets/floors, and always cover our ladder ends. Our cleaning solutions are completely natural and pose no harm to your home or the environment. We employ a number of different methods for different situations when cleaning windows. For example, we use water-fed poles and four stage water filtration systems for windows that are over roofs that are either too steep to walk on or have clay tiles, and we use a variety of different-sized squeegees for almost all of the easy-to-access windows. Additionally, we carry $1 million in insurance coverage to protect you from any potential liabilities.

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Window cleaning Benefits

– enhances overall curb appeal
– Increases natural light, which in turn enhances mood
– Improves Clarity and transparency
– Extends Window lifespan
– Streak-Free Finish 

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Professional Window Cleaning Benefits

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Professional 2 Story Window Cleaning

Residential window cleaning

We use high-quality cleaning solutions and techniques to clean the interior and exterior of the windows, leaving them crystal clear and free of streaks. Window tracks are brushed, vacuumed, and wiped out. Screens are brushed, soaped, and washed. Hard Water Removal can be quoted onsite and is an additional fee.
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Commercial window cleaning

We provide professional commercial window cleaning services for a wide range of businesses, including offices, retail stores, and buildings up to 5 stories. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and follow all safety protocols to ensure minimal disruption to your business and maximum satisfaction.
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